Sunshine Coast Camera Club

Supporting the photographic arts on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

September 3rd: A successful opening session for the year

The September 3rd session included a number of returning members and ten guests interested in the club. Three mini workshops were held on oil and water photography, photo design, and histograms. Overall attendees seemed pleased with the sessions with three guests becoming members at the meeting. For the handouts of the session, please check out the Member Resources page of the website and check out the Gallery page for more oil and water images.

2019/20 Club Meetings Start September 3rd

The 2019/20 Sunshine Coast Camera Club meetings begin on September 3rd. for our first meeting we will have three mini workshops focusing on image design, histograms and oil and water images. For more information and for the address of our Wilson Creek location, please contact or use our contact form.

We looking forward to seeing you there!