The Sunshine Coast Camera Club is located on the scenic Sunshine Coast of BC. The Sunshine Coast is located approximately 30 kilometers north of Vancouver on the mainland of British Columbia, but due to our rugged terrain and lack of roads, reaching the area requires taking a ferry.

The Sunshine Coast Camera Club began in 2013 as the Shutterbugz Camera Club. We are a small club who are always looking for new members. We are dedicated to celebrating our lovely environment through photography, connecting with other photographers both on the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere, and to improving our photographic skills through opportunities for education, sharing, and practice. In 2018 we became a member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA).

Our Mission:

The Sunshine Coast Camera Club provides a supportive venue for individuals interested in photography to improve their photographic skills.

Our Activities:

  • Informative presentations
  • Field trips/photo walks and outings
  • Guest speakers
  • Social interactions with other members
  • Themed photography assignments to encourage a broadening of interests and skills
  • Informal review sessions allowing for constructive feedback on submitted photos
  • Access to a private Facebook page to share photos and obtain comments/critique outside of club meetings
  • Participation in CAPA competitions
  • Participation in community photography displays
  • Photographer portfolio presentations

We meet twice a month on the first and third Tuesday evening, either via Zoom or at St Hilda’s Church in Sechelt. At one meeting a month our meeting includes a presentation on a previously announced topic. At alternate meetings we host a themed photo review where we share themed photos for comment/critique. Please note that all speaker meetings wiil be held virtually via Zoom, and all review nights will be in person with the possibility to attend via Zoom if preferred.

The Sunshine Coast Camera Club has the following Executive Committee:

President: Evan Brynne

Vice President: Phil Harrison

Secretary: Carol McKee

Treasurer: Don Mumford

Membership Coordinator: Don Mumford

Program Coordinator: Laura Maddalozzo

Competition Coordinator: MJ Leeden

Assistant Photo Walk Coordinator: Nancy Nederlof

Member at Large: Bruce Pond

Special thanks to the previous Executive Commitee led by past president Janet Slater.