Tristan Todd – PNW Landscapes

Hey everyone! I will be starting things off by introducing myself and discussing how I got into photography, and more importantly why I continue to pursue it. Following that, I would like to cover the following topics:

  • Focusing on local/Canadian landscapes instead of constantly traveling internationally
  • Avoiding busy places and icons, and instead focusing on places that are not often photographed
  • Why I’m so drawn to forests in particular
  • What I look for when it comes to weather and light and why
  • How I see everything around me and what I look for in compositions
  • My approach to photo planning/trip planning
  • The gear I use, specifically my preference for zooms rather than primes, and why
  • Share some of my favorite photos/trips
  • Overview of the techniques I use for post-processing, with before/after examples

And finally at the end we can open up the floor for a Q&A session!