Betty Johnston – Creative Photography

Photography from Abbotsford and wherever else my travels lead me.

Photography has been an interest for most of my life plus I learned a lot from my father who was also an enthusiast.  Since retiring from the City of Abbotsford and buying my first digital camera my interest has become more of an obsession.  Whether travelling or close to home I usually have at least one camera with me.  I love the freedom to shoot which digital provides but even more I enjoy processing the images to reveal what my eye saw.  As an active member of the Abbotsford Photo Arts Club and the Langley Camera Club, I have learned an incredible amount from the many talented and experienced club members.  I also enjoy taking courses and workshops whenever possible to broaden my vision and to strengthen my skills.  

If you are interested in seeing more of my photography visit:

ICM & Multiple Exposure Photography

Intentional camera movement with the addition of double/multiple exposures opens a door into a whole new world of creative photography.  Whether you prefer full on abstracts or impressions of reality anything is possible using these techniques.  During my presentation to your club I will share with you a variety of techniques I use to create my images.  I anticipate that during our 2 hours together there will be time for us to see some of your images as well so if you feel like sharing any ICM/ME/DE work you have I would be delighted to see up to 4 images from each of your members.  Questions are also welcome.